Fujifilm Rebrands with new Social Media Handle @FUJINONLENSES

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Fujifilm's social media accounts encompassing Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has come up with a new brand name called @FUJINONlenses. 

This change came when The Optical Devices Division decided to do a rebranding for FUJINON customers worldwide "to find and engage with the company on these three channels," according to Fujifilm, a North America Corporation and marketing subsidiary of Fujifilm Holdings America Corporation.

Thomas Fletcher, Director of Sales, Fujifilm Optical Devices Division said that their top priorities is to find ways to interact with customers and engage them in a unique learning experience. This will assist them to utilise the lenses' functions to its maximum capacity. 

“Customer feedback has historically been essential in our new lens design. In keeping with that commitment to close customer interaction, we’ve changed our social media handles to make it easier for everyone to find us, connect with us, and tag us."

Now FUJINON lens users can share "shots of their gear in action tagging the new company handle, as well as hashtagging #FUJINON," commented Fujifilm.  

 Fujifilm also welcomes people to ask questions and provide feedback through their social media channel of choice.

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