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Lighthouse is a Smart Security Camera That Can Recognize Visitors and Even Interact

Security cameras nowadays provide users with information regarding movement and sound, but can never really tell who the person is. With the Lighthouse security camera, users will now be able to know who actually is present in the vicinity of the camera, thanks to the device’s own ID-proofing techniques.

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ievo to Exhibit at Smart Security Technology SST2017 Exhibition in Rotterdam

ievo Ltd, the Newcastle-based manufacturer of biometric recognition systems are to exhibit at the Smart Security Technology (SST2017) event held in Rotterdam on 1 June.

Organised by Smart SD, ievo’s sole local distributor and one of the largest and most successful Benelux distributors of camera security solutions, access control, burglary and fire detection equipment with offices in both Holland and Belgium. The company has built its enviable reputation on providing and integrating th every best certified equipment from global manufacturers and tailoring individual solutions to clients’ varied and specific security challenges.

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Biometrics: Authentication Silver Bullet or Skeleton Key?

A BBC reporter recently opened an HSBC bank account and signed up for its voice recognition ID service. His fraternal twin brother then called the bank. Putting on his best imitation of his twin, he easily skirted past the security test, which involves saying, "My voice is my password."

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The Next Frontier: How Robotics are Changing the Security Industry

Critical infrastructure sites, corporate campuses and educational facilities all have one thing in common: wide, expansive spaces that require continuous protection. For many of these locations, security can be a challenge to achieve because of logistical, situational and cost reasons. Critical infrastructure sites, including utilities, are often found in remote locales that require protection 24/7. Enterprise clients with challenging surveillance needs are obligated to constantly evaluate and consider new solutions. .

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Border Biometrics A Work in Progress, Former FBI Executive Says

Finding the right mix of biometrics to best secure America’s southern border is a work in progress, according to KeyLogic VP of National Security and Chief Information Officer J. Kevin Reid.

His extensive career in IT engineering, financial and program management with CJIS and other FBI projects culminated with Reid serving as the Assistant Director of the IT Infrastructure Division of the FBI. He now helps KeyLogic provide high-end engineering, professional and research services to 13 agencies across the federal government, as well as commercial customers.

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Are Smart Homes Safe From Hackers?

There are criminals out there looking to exploit smart thermostats and Wi-Fi cameras. Hackers can remotely disable a thermostat and demand a ransom to return it to working order, or gather sensitive information about its owner. It's the risk of anything wireless and convenient. Cybersecurity researchers fight back by dissecting smart hardware and finding weaknesses for manufacturers to fix before the bad guys get wise. We asked a few of these researchers to assess whether some common smart appliances left their figurative doors unlocked.

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The K5 Is a Fully Autonomous Security Robot

This is the K5, a fully autonomous security robot that stands 6-feet tall and weighs in at 400 pounds. It is one of the latest creations from Knightscope, a security company first founded in 2015, and is designed to be used to patrol a variety of venues, including shopping malls and college campuses. The company’s co-founder has made it clear that the robots are not intended to replace human law enforcement personnel, but compliment their activities and to be used in areas which present a serious threat to the safety of human law enforcement and security guards. So far, the robots have been used in dark and particularly dangerous areas such as parking lots and under bridges.

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Bosch Launches Video Management System 7.5, Further Enhancing Forensic Capabilities and Openness In Video Surveillance

Security operators are often challenged to quickly and efficiently review and collect video footage for incidents. Bosch has released its Video Management System 7.5 software (BVMS 7.5), it empowers security operators to faster and more efficiently review video footage while increasing its openness for storage.

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Consumers Hacking Fears about Smart Home Devices Could Stunt Industry Growth

New research recently released by Parks Associates shows consumer anxiety about smart home devices and platforms being hacked is increasing.

According to the article in, the Parks Associates latest quarterly survey covering 10,000 households within the US and who have broadband, found that nearly half cite privacy issues and data security as being their greatest concern when connecting devices to the Internet. These concerns rank more highly than those such as tech support. Some 40% of those who responded to the survey had experienced a security or privacy problem with a connected device during the past 12 months, most commonly due to malware or viruses.

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Security Robots Made in Silicone Valley Come to Brazil

Proterisco, the official distributor of SMP Robotics in Brazil chose ISC Brazil to introduce S5 Security Robot (Robocom) to the Brazilian market.

SMP Robotics, a manufacturer of autonomous mobile robots, presented its S5 Security Robot (Robocom) at ISC Brazil that took place from April 18-20 in Expo Center Norte in São Paulo.

Proterisco, the official distributor of SMP Robotics in Brazil chose the ISC Brazil to introduce the S5 (Robocom) security robot to the 15,000 conference attendees and the leaders of Brazilian security industry. The S5 generated a lot of interest among the conference attendees. Following the conference, the robots received extensive media coverage in Brazil.